We offer a variety of bee services including:

Bee Removals – We relocate hives from properties and buildings.

Midnight Beekeeping – Life happens, and bees happen, too! If you have an after hour bee emergency, give us a call and we can help!

Honey and Honey Products – Currently we are awaiting our first 2021 batch, please check back in during the fall of 2021!

Pollination– We offer pollination for small gardens and large crops!

Mentorships – Whether you are a prospective beekeeper or a new keeper needing some guidance, we offer mentorship programs and can tailor them to your exact needs.

Presentations – Whether you are looking for a basic “How-To” presentation for interested adults on beekeeping basic, the importance of bees to the environment for kids and teens, or bee safety for professionals working outdoors: we can make a custom presentation to fit your needs.