We offer a variety of services for fellow beekeepers or just folk that casually own a hive.

If you need help with:

  • Requeening hives
  • Splitting hives
  • Honey extraction and bottling
  • Pest management (including use of an oxalic acid vaporizer) and identifying potential pest related issues
  • General in person consultation on “why are my bees doing THIS now?”
  • Or simply want to own a hive on your own property but do not have the time, ability, or knowledge to maintain it personally

Then give us a call and we can schedule an appointment to help with your hives.

We also sell basic bee equipment such as varroa mite strips, 10 frame deep langstroth hive bodies, frames, foundations, and can assemble hives for you or sell the parts unassembled. We offer local pick up at our apiary in Lyford, or can schedule drop off for a small fuel fee (unless we are doing business in the area already).

During Summer and Fall we often have Italian queens available for sale, too. Please contact us for availability!