R9 Hive&Honey started as a complete accident! Dawn discovered a trashcan full of bees in 2018 and wanted to save them. Initially seeking a mentor in order to have a hive pollinate the family garden, this quickly turned into a full family business. With over 100 hives, now there is NO family garden and very little time to maintain one!

Dawn and Devin Johnston co-manage the business and head up the bee removal and beekeeping side of things, while the rest of the family works on building boxes, setting up frames, and equipment management.

We offer a variety of beekeeping services in the Rio Grande Valley such as: bee removals, presentation, mentoring, and pollination. It is our goal to bring beekeeping back to the RGV and promote more local beekeepers. Additionally we strive to help educate the public about conservation efforts and how to handle the problem of the highly defensive Africanized Bees.