We LOVE to share our knowledge with fellow beekeepers and non-keepers alike and offer a wide variety of presentation topics and styles. If you have a specific need or idea in mind, please contact us and see if we can custom make a presentation for you!

For kids and teens we offer fun presentations on:

  • Bee basics.
  • What does a beekeeper do?
  • How to help save bees and butterflies!
  • Beekeeping foundation class (Teens)

For adults we offer more in-depth, informational presentations on:

  • Role of bees and butterflies for garden and crop pollination
  • Bee and native pollinator conservation
  • Bee Safety – How to stay safe working outdoors
  • History of the Africanized Honey Bee
  • Bee proofing properties for homeowners
  • Treasures of the hive: Honey, Wax, Royal Jelly, Propolis, and more!

We also offer presentations geared towards prospective and novice beekeepers such as:

  • Beekeeping Foundation class
  • Native plants for good bee forage in the RGV
  • Diseases and pest management
  • How to handle africanized bees
  • How to capture swarms
  • Honey bee biology
  • Beekeeping in the RGV
Dawn Johnston giving a presentation about bees to non-beekeepers in 2019.